Aging Poorly #3: Tripmunk

It’s a teenage madness everyone has got to face. In a high-pitched voice. Sam and Bill get totally real this episode with their discussion of Encyclopedia Brown, Portishead’s Dummy, Chipmunk Punk, and a particularly contentious debate on The Ice Pirates.

And holy crap! Aging Poorly is on Spotify (curated by Sam)!

Aging Poorly #2: They Might Be Giants vs. Anthony Zerbe

Knights in Satan's Service

Awk! Things turn ugly in the second episode as Bill throws in a ringer, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978). But before that we get to talk about Bill Sienkiewicz’s art on The New Mutants (1982), Kelly Jones’ work on Batman: Bloodstorm (1994), and Star Trek: the Animated Series (1973).

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