Aging Poorly #2: They Might Be Giants vs. Anthony Zerbe

Knights in Satan's Service

Awk! Things turn ugly in the second episode as Bill throws in a ringer, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978). But before that we get to talk about Bill Sienkiewicz’s art on The New Mutants (1982), Kelly Jones’ work on Batman: Bloodstorm (1994), and Star Trek: the Animated Series (1973).

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3 thoughts on “Aging Poorly #2: They Might Be Giants vs. Anthony Zerbe”

  1. My sister was terrified of KISS when this first came on TV. I am requesting that she listen to this segment, in order to realize that any bad life choices have probably stemmed from this trauma.

  2. The only Kelley Jones comic I’ve actually read was his initial short run on Sandman, when Dream inherits hell and auctions it off or something. I remember really liking it, but noticing that Jones couldn’t simultaneously do subtle facial expressions and keep the character on model enough to be identifiable from panel to panel.

    I wanna see Yes star in a movie where they fight evil versions of themselves, although with Yes you could just have members from different lineups fight it out.

    I’m loving this podcast so much that it’s making me realize that I need some live-in-person friends so I no longer need to rely on podcasts for companionship. Please consider going daily.

  3. I dropped by the funnybook store today and discovered that Kelley Jones is picking up a paycheck from DC to draw Swamp Thing, with Swampy creator Len Wein writing it. Run, don’t walk.

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