Aging Poorly #3: Tripmunk

It’s a teenage madness everyone has got to face. In a high-pitched voice. Sam and Bill get totally real this episode with their discussion of Encyclopedia Brown, Portishead’s Dummy, Chipmunk Punk, and a particularly contentious debate on The Ice Pirates.

And holy crap! Aging Poorly is on Spotify (curated by Sam)!

2 thoughts on “Aging Poorly #3: Tripmunk”

  1. This episode made me happy. So very, very happy.

    1. I wasn’t obsessed, but I did read some Encyclopedia Brown as a kid and enjoyed them.

    2. I never majorly got into Portishead but found the discussion fun, especially Sam’s 1994 best and worst.

    3. I didn’t have any Chipmunk albums but I definitely remember them being a thing.

    4. The Ice Pirates is such a pile of unredeemable garbage. About ten years ago when CVG had a space theme one of our friends loaned us that DVD, trying to get us to show it in Cinema Rex. He said it was bad, but “fun bad.” We couldn’t watch the whole thing and I’m surprised we even made it to around the half hour mark before giving up. It was just so awful and boring and not done with any style or flair to balance the terribleness of it all. I wanted to smash the DVD instead of giving it back, I was so annoyed at it.

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