Aging Poorly #7: The horror of Tall Teeth

Tall Teeth

Let’s get weird. We’ve been away for a couple of weeks and our picks are off the wall.

We talk about:

  • Lethal Weapon (1987)
  • Taco’s “Putting on the Ritz” (1982)
  • The Letter People (1972)
  • Gus (1976)

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2 thoughts on “Aging Poorly #7: The horror of Tall Teeth”

  1. My family were notoriously not “library people”, but Grunches & Grins was apparently filmed in my hometown’s public library (Huntsville, AL). I thankfully never put this fact together as a child, and, as my family were also notoriously not “PBS people”, I only witnessed this creepy-ass shit (or reruns of the horrifying Letter People) in the company of other scooching-away first graders.

    Also (if you aren’t already fans), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has a couple of pretty terrific episodes where they create LETHAL WEAPON 5 and 6. Come for the blackface, stay for the implied hardcore sex scenes.

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