Aging Poorly #8: Mad Movies, Bad Monsters

Episode 8

We’re back! Boy, we say “we’re back” a lot, don’t we? Anyhoo, put on your jean jacket and bolero hat, and settle down into the podcast theater as Sam and Bill revisit:

  • Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection
  • Man-Thing in Night of the Laughing Dead by Power Records
  • Groovy Ghoulies
  • Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth

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One thought on “Aging Poorly #8: Mad Movies, Bad Monsters”

  1. About 3 years ago, I visited my sister in Madison. She took me to a black box theater that had a group lip-syncing to Power Records albums. You guys, it was hilarious.

    “Batman- Stacked Cards” featuring The Joker. “Spider-Man- Draco, King of the Dragon Men”. And, of course, Kojak with some sort of murder investigation. For children. The narrator of the live-action show had a lot of fun ruminating on ill-founded villain’s plans, clueless law enforcement, and bodies showing up around every corner. For children.

    I laughed like never before, and could almost recite several of the stories from memory, having played them to death as a kid.

    Keep on aging!

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