Aging Poorly #10: The Gay Is The Icing

We get angrier than normal! Hooray! It’s Aging Poorly 10! Sam and Bill take on:

  • Elevator Action
  • Tiny Toon Adventures “Toon TV”
  • Fat Boys: Fat Boys
  • Zorro: the Gay Blade

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One thought on “Aging Poorly #10: The Gay Is The Icing”

  1. I listened days ago, but one of you mentioned that the best joke in the Tiny Toons episode was a bit in the credits. Were either of you aware of the running credits gag in Animaniacs? Kathryn Page was an assistant to Tom Ruegger on the show and, in addition to her real credit, she had a gag credit with a different title in every episode for the first couple of seasons. These are listed along with other credit gags they did at this site:

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