Episode #20: The Bowser Argument

Sam and Bill are back, blowing levels and very nearly coming to blows over the career of John “Bowser” Bowman, who is not actually among the topics they’re discussing!

The boys take on:

  • Sesame Street’s Pinball Numbers
  • Fred Newman
  • Match Game
  • ALF Loves A Mystery

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One thought on “Episode #20: The Bowser Argument”

  1. (to the tune of Quiet Storm by Smokey Robinson)

    “Soft and warm, a quiet storm
    “Quiet as when Foofers talk at break of dawn, break of dawn
    “A power source of Foofer force
    “Generatin’, Fooferatin’, turnin’ me on, turnin’ me on…”

    As much as I wish you guys did this show every weekday like Match Game, maybe the recess has renewed your powers, cuz ya’ll were ON FIRE this episode. I enjoyed hearing Bill get called out as a fake Sha Na Na Geek Girl, but as a kid I enjoyed every episode of their show, yet never learned their names. As with superheroes, it’s all about enjoyment, not mastery of lore and trivia.

    I had beef with Fred Newman because he opened an episode of Livewire by saying something like “Hi, I’m an ordinary teenager, and I’m wondering about sex” or something. He was youthful, but I knew he wasn’t a teenager, and I didn’t appreciate his lying ass. Furthermore, on another episode he showed me a horrifying rock video that gave me nightmares. That video was Ashes to Ashes by Bowie, which is now a fave, so thanks, Fred Newman!

    I coveted that sound effects book he did but had to choose between it and the Fiend Folio. The Flail Snails won that round, and social success lost.

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