Episode #23: Altman’s Hip G.I. Joe

We’re back (again). Sam and Bill explore new territory in the definition of “aging poorly” as we discuss

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2 thoughts on “Episode #23: Altman’s Hip G.I. Joe”

  1. Wonderful and stupid! I enjoyed this and learned about AEIOU and sometimes Y, which I will never forgive you for.

  2. Bill’s brief “After M*A*S*H” quip reminded me when I first saw this disaster of a sequel. It was when I first became aware of the need for character goals in entertainment (ie. Klinger wants to bang his wife, but keeps getting interrupted by guest stars – ‘Trapper John, what are YOU doing here?’). It also revealed to me that most sitcom spin-offs are pure horseshit. Innocence lost.

    Keep on truckin’ guys!

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