Episode #24: Saint Elmore’s Fire

Whoa, Canyonero, whoa! Sam fulfills his ultimate love of music and Canadian animation, and Bill explores his pubescence of hooker boots and dragons in this exciting ep!

  • The artwork of Larry Elmore
  • Obnoxio vs. the X-Men
  • Silverado
  • Rock & Rule

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2 thoughts on “Episode #24: Saint Elmore’s Fire”

  1. Hey, guys! “St. Elmore’s Fire” was another fun and concise show, and now I feel that I have the freedom to never, ever watch SILVERADO! (Well, maybe I’m still one Mad Magazine parody away.) Anyway, I just wanted to make mention that my family had an HBO-dubbed copy of ROCK & RULE when I was growing up, which I loved to watch – even without understanding any aspect of the plot whatsoever. Sometime later, I made the mistake to name a new family pet, a disturbingly viscous Doberman Pinscher, after the awesome character “Mok”. This dog did not remain with our family long. I’ll spare you those gruesome details, but my dad always regretted naming the dog after a bad guy. However, I contend that naming him “Gizmo” or “Patrick Dempsey” would have amounted to the same sad, bone-chilling finale. Keep up the good work!


    1. Gentlemen,

      I was bananas about Larry Elmore’s comic Snarfquest, which ran in the back of Dragon Magazine, along with the amazing Wormy, which deserves its own podcast episode. I’m pretty sure that at least one of you is familiar with Snarfquest, but it’s worth a fresh look. There’s a character called The Leech who looks like a squid puppet made out of a glove and some googly eyes, but he’s the undiscovered potential breakout character of the comic. The Leech is a carnivore who gains the magical power to communicate with everybody, then finds he can’t bear to eat his weeping prey once he can understand them. He goes vegetarian and begins to develop a more robust moral sense than anyone else in the comic. Sadly Elmore seemed to lose interest this character, cuz the leech disappeared without ceremony. He got replaced by a busty woman in a metal bra for some reason. Too bad. I kind of love The Leech.

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