Aging Poorly #26: Snoopy Starts To Fonzie

Good luck! You’ll need it! as Sam and Bill utterly fail to get their Halloween episode out in time and discuss

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One thought on “Aging Poorly #26: Snoopy Starts To Fonzie”

  1. Hey dudes,

    The only time I’ve completed SMASH TV was on the Nintendo re-release, when a buddy of mine and I would get together and waste some time. As it turns out, we believe that we uncovered something inherently racist about the game. It seemed that the white player would always outscore the black player NO MATTER WHAT. Though we switched up who was Player One and Two to see if it was skill level thing, it always seemed like the white boy in blue was several million points ahead by the end- more money, more 1999 Roadsters, and more toasters seemed to fall his way. Coincidence? Maybe. Conspiracy? Maybe not, but…

    Keep on keepin’ on!


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