Aging Poorly #29: Greater or Lesser Than Taco?

Sam and Bill discuss a children’s book, a pop song, a commercial, and a movie. The first three take more than hour. Bill says “like” more often Moon Unit Zappa. Sam wins a major award.

  • The Book of Giant Stories by Harrison and Fix
  • The Safety Dance
  • Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” Commercials
  • Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

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2 thoughts on “Aging Poorly #29: Greater or Lesser Than Taco?”

  1. A fine ep, gents!

    I had that Men Without Hats LP, and thy’re a band whose non-single stuff is (a bit) more challenging than the hit. There’s a similar synth-poppy sound to it all, but some of the songs are borderline confrontational in their new-wave squalkiness. Check out Antarctica to see what I mean. There’s also some problematic stuff (“Living in China”) but Men Without Hats go deeper than Safety.

    I remember my Mom liked Clara Peller as a rare bit of representation for difficult old ladies, who didn’t get enough credit in the 80s.

  2. Hi Sam & Bill,

    It’s been a few weeks since I first caught this episode, but I listened to it again last night and it’s still funny as hell. I really need to see DEAD MEN DON’T WEAR PLAID in its entirety. An obnoxiously drunk guy showed me a few clips years ago, and the circumstances were so annoying that I’ve been avoiding it ever since. But everything you guys described makes it sound like a movie that I’d have a blast with if I caught it now. Do you guys have any great movies or bands that you were reluctant to embrace because of the person that introduced them to you?

    Also, as proof that all acts of serendipity are not good, a friend recently demanded that we have a MOVING VIOLATIONS night. This was a nostalgia pick for him and him alone, so I had no frame of reference except the much better films that it was ripping off, especially STRIPES and POLICE ACADEMY. It stars the world’s worst Bill Murray impersonator, John Murray, but it also “costars” one Ms. Clara Peller. You mentioned her appearance in this piece of shit during your “Where’s the Beef?” segment of the last show, but I had forgotten and was a bit concerned to suddenly find myself now a Clara Peller expert, all thanks to you gentlemen.

    She’s in the movie for about 5 minutes, by the way – she’s not even the old lady that gets sent to traffic school. But her name is in the opening credits and I’m sure that she was paid handsomely for the following exchange as her “character” exits an airport:

    CLARA: Where’s the bag?
    MAN PUSHING CART WITH BAG ON IT: Right here, ma’am.
    CLARA: That’s good.

    What a fun, fantastic film.

    Anyway, keep the episodes coming, fellas! Me and the rest of the Agers are pulling for you!

    Best wishes,
    Adam Fox

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