Aging Poorly #5: (Goonies R Not) Good Enough

Oh boy, we are putting our foot in it this time: Sam takes Bill to task on the charge of High Crimes of Nostalgia, and the duo take on The Benny Hill Show, Goonies, Clue Club, and Starchaser: The Legend of Orin. 

Big ups to Virginia for explaining where “Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Froggy” came from!

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Aging Poorly #4: Do the Donkey Kong!


This ep join Sam and Bill on an epic scavenger hunt in perhaps the most nostalgia-friendly episode of our anti-nostalgia podcast. We take on You Can’t Do That On Television, Pac-Man Fever, Treasure of the Four Crowns, and Midnight Madness.

As always, Aging Poorly is on Spotify (curated by Sam).

Aging Poorly #3: Tripmunk

It’s a teenage madness everyone has got to face. In a high-pitched voice. Sam and Bill get totally real this episode with their discussion of Encyclopedia Brown, Portishead’s Dummy, Chipmunk Punk, and a particularly contentious debate on The Ice Pirates.

And holy crap! Aging Poorly is on Spotify (curated by Sam)!

Aging Poorly #2: They Might Be Giants vs. Anthony Zerbe

Knights in Satan's Service

Awk! Things turn ugly in the second episode as Bill throws in a ringer, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978). But before that we get to talk about Bill Sienkiewicz’s art on The New Mutants (1982), Kelly Jones’ work on Batman: Bloodstorm (1994), and Star Trek: the Animated Series (1973).

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Aging Poorly #1: Robutts

Mr. Roboto

Domo Arigato for downloading the first episode of Aging Poorly! This episode we’re taking a fresh look at our animatronic pals in Styx’s Kilroy Was Here (1983), Superfriends (1973), Thundarr The Barbarian (1980), and Mighty Orbots (1984).

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Aging Poorly Teaser!

Sam Landman and Bill Stiteler examine the nostalgia of their youth to see what holds up! Check out some of the topics they’re going to discuss in this teaser!

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